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Why Should You Prefer Jetblue? You have many reasons to choose us

Use of top quality raw materials

International partners and client network

Fast and reliable logistics network

VDA and TSE approved quality guaranteed product

Technical support at all business stages

Effective customer satisfaction management


Adblue Designed for Nature

Adblue Designed for Nature

Our Logistics Partner; Birlik Logistics

Our Logistics Partner; Birlik Logistics

We are Adblue Partners of Giant Brands!

We are Adblue Partners of Giant Brands!

ADBLUE® ABOUT You can get quick answers to the questions of what is Adblue, what are its advantages and features.

  • AdBlue's Advantages

    AdBlue complies with ISO and CEFIC regulations. Furthermore, AdBlue must comply with DIN v 70070 standard and TS-ISO-22241-1 Technical Specification to ensure that your vehicle performs the SCR system function correctly.
  • EU Emissions

    The European Union has introduced some rules on vehicle emissions in the framework of efforts to reduce environmental pollution caused by nitrogen oxides (no) and heavy machinery for emission compliance standards.
  • What Is AdBlue?

    AdBlue is a special non-toxic synthetic urea solution used to chemically reduce the NOx emissions of diesel-fueled heavy-duty vehicles.
  • AdBlue Properties

    AdBlue is not toxic. If properly used, it poses no risk to humans, animals and the environment.



Fines for Those Who Cancel the Adblue System According to the amendment made in the Environmental Law published in the Official Gazette on Monday, December 10, 2018, “1.250 Turkish Lira for motor vehicle owners who do not have exhaust gas emission measurement, but 2.500 Turkish Liras for the motor vehicle owner if the same vehicle has emissions contrary to the standards determined by the regulations, A fine of 1,250 Turkish lira will be applied to the owner of a motor vehicle that is used without a catalytic converter with a control system and a diesel particulate filter.


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